Mike F., Certified Financial Planner

"I hired ARRANGED to help manage the logistics when I relocated my business. Dana kept me informed throughout the entire process and her team was great in guiding us on the best way to arrange furniture, equipment, files and supplies to make us more efficient. Highly recommend."

Da-Wei H., New York, NY

 “Dana is extremely patient, a great listener and consummate professional. She has the ability to analyze a situation, peel away the onion, and tackle a problem efficiently.”  

Stacey D., New York, NY

 “Dana and I worked closely on a large project to move our Corporate Headquarters and Dana's skills at succinct communication proved invaluable. We also collaborated on many smaller projects with successful outcomes. Dana will add value to any endeavor.”  

Joanne Z., New York, NY

 “It’s a pleasure to work with Dana, who can flawlessly zero in on the problem at hand, and create a solution miles ahead of any I could have ever imagined." 

Suzanne T., Wilmington, NC

 “Dana is wonderful to work with. She has a warm personality, is a strong collaborator and a person you can always depend upon to deliver what’s promised.”  

Natasha C., New York, NY

 “Dana’s skills as a planner are top-notch. Her emphasis on the importance of ‘attention to detail’ has helped me develop into a more effective professional.” 

Jennifer V., Bronxville, NY

“I worked with Dana through a number of challenging situations and learned a great deal from her about the importance of clear, open communication during periods of uncertainty. She keenly identifies and navigates potential roadblocks, ensuring the success of any project.”

Nancy P., Robbinsville, NJ

"Dana is the most organized person I've ever met and she is amazing at what she does. She has a great personality that makes getting organized fun. You will love working with Dana."

Robert D., Bayonne, NJ

"Dana is the most organized person I’ve ever met. When my wife and I decided to sell our home, we were overwhelmed with the years of stuff we had accumulated and didn’t know where to begin. We made the decision to hire Dana to help us and never looked back. Since we had never used a professional organizer before, we liked that she belonged to a professional association. Dana is smart, detail-oriented, discreet, a fast worker, and has a great sense of humor. She got us on track quickly to complete our downsizing. I highly recommend her services."


“I hired ARRANGED to organize YESTERDAYS' business office and it was quickly turned into order. Dana asked the right questions in order to create a plan that works well and is easy to maintain. She is professional and extremely detail-oriented. I highly recommend her services.” 


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